Still missing Mama

What can I say?  She was 94, but so keen, so alert and clear-headed.  Until the last day or two she could walk easily with a walker.  Then she was gone.  I wasn’t there. I wish I had been.  I can’t drive after dark.  My sis and her hubby were there, though, right through the end.  I saw the open coffin.  It didn’t look like her, and I wanted it to.  Her hands did.   So I kissed my finger and touched it to her hand.  Of course it was cold.  I knew to expect that.  This prolonged missing her…….I never thought about it, and did not expect it.  I know she’s in Heaven and happy, so I am trying to be happy too.  I think she is playing with a darling little boy named Harry.  They are both laughing.  Thank you Jesus for taking care of my mom.

2 thoughts on “Still missing Mama”

  1. I think you’ll miss her for a long time, forever. That’s okay, because missing a person is your heart’s way of saying you love them. And that, to be sure, you always will.

  2. No matter how much you know your loved one is in heaven…it doesn’t shield you from the devastating pain of missing them. Just don’t want you to be hard on yourself about that one.

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