159. Becareful what you wish for…

Hits bed at 7 a.m, phones begin ringing at 9. 

This is all my life has been since I received this promotion. The only thing I have been able to accomplish other then work, is gym directly after work. Once I get home from the gym, I shove the quickest meal I can put together down my throat as I do my paper work, I tuck the pups into their beds, then I fall into my sheets. Only to wake up, feed and walk the dogs, and do it all over again. 

I wanted this position I suppose, so I cant complain. 

I have a to do list as long as the wall of China of adulting that needs to be done.

Laundry, new insurance company, pay student loans, ship the ipad, study, clip the dogs nails, oil change the work van, oil change my car finish my website, reapply for school….and that’s only the beginning. 

The only benefit i have coming my way is that my weekends will be free-r on the weekends. Gabby is starting a second job during the week, so shell be using the weekends to do her errands and spend time with her family before moving. 

Things between us have been AMAZING. A little more give and take on either end of the relationship, listening to each other to understand vs just to respond. Finally getting the elephant of her moving out of the way, and figuring how we’re going to get through it, has left us room to grow as a couple. Excluding this past weekend, fridays we spend with her family, playing cards, the marble game, having dinner, just hanging put and laughing, sundays we usually have dinner with my mother and her boyfriend. Saturday we sleep in and just kind of do our own thing, either together, orseparate. This last weekend was amazing, Friday night she came over and I slow cooked a roast and veggies, just having an at home date night. Saturday we literally paid in bed all night other then grocery shopping and playing with the dogs, Sunday we had breakfast before she went home. Sunday begins my work week. It was just so calm, it was perfect. The past few weeks we have just been running so much, it was much needed as the next few weeks are just going to be the same thing. 


The house hunting has come to an end, at least for the moment. Since I have such a low credit score and so many open lines of credit they want an extra deposit or a co-signer. I dont have either. I suppose it takes longer to repair a drunks credit then I thought. Ha……slowly but surely it will get there. I just wish I desired to buy things to help build my credit. I have a credit card…how ever…what can I use it for…gas? Food? I do…..I barely drive my personal car anymore, and I’m only one person I dont consume much food. So it’s just bettering my credit very, very slowly. 

Screw fuckimg credit daaaaamn. 

Its been two weeks since I finally received my bank card, yet I still am trying to change my bank info over. Even my job screwed up and sent money to my old account….that doesnt exist. Which is slightly surprising, since that account should have been completely removed from any and all paperwork.

Money I’ll probably, now, never see.

Just my luck huh?



Of to do work. This down time to write is refreshing. 

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