[367] ~*Thu – 10/04/18*~

[10:17 am]

Arg! I need to wake the hell up. I’ve been falling asleep at work every day this week. It’s quite horrible. I can’t handle this morning shit at all. Waking up when it’s still dark outside is so not my thing. I can’t wait to have another shift but I think I’m stuck with this for a few weeks. I just need to pull through some way. I’m so freaking exhausted, all I want to do is sleep. I can’t wait for Mon to get here so I can have a day off. I’m currently on day 16 and wasn’t supposed to get a day off until like two months but apparently we’re getting next Mon off. I won’t complain.

I ended up going straight to bed after work yesterday and slept till 6:30 pm, when hub woke me up cause he wanted to go eat. I’m glad he did cause I really needed to take a shower but I could of prob slept till this morning. 

We went out to eat and then went out to get him a new cell as his decided to just not work anymore. Totally sucks as he had just finished paying for it in June so it was saving us some money. Bleh!

I still need to decide what I’ll be doing with the nest. I haven’t even checked it for a few days cause I’ve been going to bed early and hub has been the one to feed the suggies. It cost $125 to get someone to come take care of it so we might just do it ourselves. I haven’t decided yet. I also need to bring my car in to get that broken part fix.


Just have been feeling like I have so much to do but no time to do it. At least, it’s all things that don’t need to be taking care of right away. I will try and get to those next week as I am too exhausted to do anything this week.

Like I’ve said, I have next Mon off so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some much needed rest so I can then get some of my stuff done. I could possibly work at the store and I’ve been debating on it but I think I will take the day off and enjoy it as I have no clue when I’ll be getting that chance again.

We finally got our badge I.D. at work today and of course, perfect me don’t like my picture at all cause my hair don’t seem equal on the picture. I had been playing with a strain of hair so it’s sorta folded and it looks like my hair isn’t equal on both side. Bleh! I’m trying to let it go but I just want to get my badge redone which I know they won’t be doing so I’m trying to live with it but of course, I keep looking at the picture. 

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that I went for that interview on Tue. I got to the place and wanted to run away cause all I could hear was kids screaming and crying. I really don’t know why I even bothered with going but I know for a fact I won’t be called back for the job. Interview was short and meh. I also did something very stupid and I’m still laughing about it. I totally went to the interview with my pants on backward. LOL! After the interview, I went out to BK with my friend and we chit chatted. Was nice to spend some time with her. When I got back home, I went to take my clothes off and realized that my pants were on backwards. OMG.. LOL! I’m not sure if anyone could of realized cause I think my shirt was covering the pants but totally funny.


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