day three

I’ve noticed that our flat is really dark.

Bedrooms and living room have windows where the light only shines trough in the mornings (when the flat is empty) and in the afternoon when I return back it’s already dark. Not completely dark but more like dim and gloomy dark. When you step from the sunny and warm autumn afternoon in the dim flat it immediately makes you depressed. The lights are also not very bright so turning them on doesn’t help much. I try to stay outside as much as I can but I need to do school stuff inside and there is not much to do outside anyways.

I also thought about how seasons change your mood. I generally don’t like winter because it’s dark and bleak but I have no problem with other seasons. This week alone has changed my idea of autumn. Instead of nice warm cozy autumn I just think of it as a less-cold winter.

I also got the feeling that the rest of my friends who go to different universities or stayed at home are having much better time enjoying life while I am here struggling after 3 days on my own. I haven’t heard from any of them since I left for college. It’s hard to explain it but there’s a song I know that does the job very well (Peace – From Under Liquid Glass).

School did not help ether. We’ve had two new lessons that I am not looking forward to very much and will probably have to work a lot at home for.

But at least I had lunch together with my friends (at the same place as the yesterday) which was nice.



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