I am forever grateful for all that I have walked thru in my years, many lives I’ve lived or so it feels. versions of myself have come and gone with growth and change, my little life unfolds. So much beauty in the world even in moments of trials. Embracing this season I am in and love and joy it brings with little hands in mine and giggles echoing through the halls. so much love and contentment in our little home I have so many that I love..each one growing more from me. 

Sometimes I think about people I’ve loved, souls brought into my life that will always have a home in my heart..admiration and appreciation of who they are and the knowledge that they live out there somewhere.
I think of those days and times and store them in a little glass jar and place it on a shelf in my memories never letting it sour over time, but letting it live in that moment as sweet as it was then. moving forward and growing in myself but never forgetting those that watered me and shined on me to grow those leaves I’ve shed so long ago. 

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