Matthew 11:28, Divine Rest

Matthew 11:28, “‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.’” (NIV)

Worry. Anxiety. Restlessness. It is impossible to live a productive life and not experience stress. Families, careers, and ministries offer joy, as well as heartache. Sadly, we tend to focus on the heartache rather than the joy. As a result, we let our burdens overshadow our blessings. We exercise worry instead of faith. Remarkably, we serve a God Who offers us immense compassion. He knows our weaknesses and longs to help us through troublesome times. His loving, encouraging presence can carry us through any ordeal.

In matters that assail our hearts there is consolation in Jesus’ words in Matthew 11:28. He said we who are weary can find rest in His presence. “Come to me” is an invitation to receive an assurance that only Jesus can provide. If we come to Him, He can renew our depleted spirit. If we come to Him, He can renew our troubled soul. The Lord knows what to provide us in every moment. To the afflicted He gives divine peace. To the worried He gives divine comfort. To the weak He gives divine, spiritual strength.

Unfortunately, we are prone to seek tranquility in other sources. We are inclined to look for happiness and acceptance in people, possessions, or positions, instead of placing our hope in God. Far too often, our focus is misapplied. We dwell on dilemmas and not the Deliverer. In effect, we ignore our Maker’s existence and trivialize His supremacy. Jesus implored us to turn this destructive pattern upside down. When we try to solve problems without asking for godly counsel, prayer, or biblical guidance, we discover our efforts foster worry and disappointment. But when we access God, we access a greater power than we could ever imagine. We become aware that although we do know what tomorrow holds, we know Who holds tomorrow: God Almighty. To a life riddled with worry, grief, and despair, Jesus said to take heart and find rest, divine rest, in His care.*

Kevin Orr (10/4/2018)

*This blog post is extracted from portions of my self-published, now discontinued, book titled “Love Has Come: A Twenty-Eight Day Journey Through The Gospel Of Matthew”, which was originally published in 2010 (Pleasant Word, a division of WinePress Group)

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