Oh the places we’ll go

Dear Izzy,

Hello sister mine, the sun is out and its going to be a great day. I’ve been hiking a lot lately. We did Stone mountain and Hanging Rock these last two weekends and it was great. I think Dad would have loved hanging rock. The view at the top makes the stairs worth it. Mom loved it too and we even got Aunt Emma to go. She wants us to come to Georgia and do a few hikes with her and Uncle Kevin. Aunt Emma visited for Moms birthday. She has been going on a lot of sister trips with Aunt Emma and Aunt Charlotte for their birthdays. I miss our sister trips. Sammy is still with the infant. They were talking about getting married this year but are waiting a while longer. I started my new post a few weeks ago…. I am now….. *drum roll* a….. receptionist. woohoo. I really like the hours and i’m off every weekend to. Speaking of weekends off…. I’m going to Chicago next weekend to see Drug Restaurant. I’m really excited I wanted to see The Rose in May but work messed it up. So they will be my first Korean Band live. I’m also going to see Teentop in December. Hopefully these next few months will be great.

Missing you always,


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