Positive thoughts (not)

I just read some texts here, and realized, that I shouldn’t write here about politics a lot. This site isn’t about it. And I don’t want to write my depressive thoughts here, so lets try to be positive, but before I feel I should describe this wish. 
All of us like to be positive and love positive people, but if you wear a positive mask when you sad, it’s realy bad to you, to your health. OK, I will be sad when I feel sad, but then I think, what if I’m just weak and allowed negativity around to control me? OK, let’s fight with depressive thoughts. Alright, but then I think again, what if I just wear pink glasses and all is not so good like I think. I walk in a circle and don’t know how to stop, how to be realistic. Seriously, I am always or in my dreams or nervous a lot about little things. And last time I’m more nervous.

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