When I’m stressed, my temperature elevates to a very uncomfortable level and my hands feel, well… sort of stiff? I don’t know how to describe it. Nearly everything suddenly starts to bother me even though I’m trying not to let it, it just does, but it’s not like I start flipping out constantly. I do gain the wonderful ability to accidentally fuck up everything I’m working on and once I do that I vanish from the sight of others in the blink of an eye and straight-up lose my shit, though. Besides the normal things people get stressed about, I’m not aways entirely sure what causes it. Some days I wake up like this and I just want everyone and everything to fuck off.

Not today, though. I’m doing pretty OK. How about you?


One thought on “Stress.”

  1. i hope your battle with your stress will get better as you grow older and well, get to know yourself better.
    i am glad you had an okay day, i did as well.

    well yeah, nothing much to say but i hope you are doing alright in any means.
    see you around here

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