Thursday October 4th

No school today. Thank god. I cancelled the job interview. I just can’t take a job that pays 13k less than I make now. And, I really need to either stick it out where I am for the year, or take a medical leave. I have been paying a fortune for that insurance, might as well get some use out of it. I flea bombed the house. I hope to hell it works. I am at my wit’s end with this shit. I just cannot get rid of the little fuckers. I’m sure they are becoming resistant to the chemical treatments just like every other pest. I did do some positive things yesterday to help my money situation. I decreased my data plan on my phone and signed up for autopay which is supposed to give me $10 off my bill, I downgraded my car and renter’s insurance, and I signed up for cheaper health insurance for 2019. That’s about all I can do. Once the loan is paid off, I will have money to pay off the credit card- I will prob do it the other way around, though. Use my income tax refund to pay off the credit card, then try to pay extra on that loan and get rid of it. Once those two bills are gone, I can try to save some money. I know I am irresponsible with money. I know. I know I have shoes and handbags I don’t need. I have nowhere to go to wear fancy clothes or bags. I don’t go anywhere but to Walmart and my ghetto school. I need to get my shit together for real. 

Later, that same day…

I went over and sat with Noah some today. Now I feel really sad. I feel like moving is a huge mistake now. Ugh. I feel like I should be moving into a house where Noah can live with me. I have got to start going over there more. I need to check on him daily. I need to see him every day he is not working. I will save my money so I can buy a house at the end of my lease next year. I have been so wrapped up with my mess of a job, I haven’t been giving him enough attention. Another reason to beat myself up. 

I am so stressed over this whole moving thing. 

One thought on “Thursday October 4th”

  1. Part of getting your crap together is realizing that you need to get your crap together! That’s the first big step.
    It sounds like you’re doing things to make a difference in finances. Good for you. It can be tough making cuts in things, but keep looking.

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