Work in progress…

I was thinking a lot about where I am at life. I am very stressed. I heard a quote that even though you have your family to rely on, you can’t use them as your therapist. The response will be biased because of there  unconsciously caution, to not hurt me. I hope that last sentenced is understandable lol. Basically I need a professional to talk to but its not because i have so many problems, mental issues, things that you don’t need to have to talk to someone. But because I need to unwind my thought. I find it hard to do it in writing, I feel like its easier to lie because I can easily push the return button and write something that is of better sounding to me.  For self improvement, I can’t write what sounds good, I have to write what actually is good and what is bad and I don’t want to notice. Ill get there. 

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