day four

We’ve only had one lesson in the morning so my roommate and I took our books with us and went to read on a bench my the sea. It was nice being outside. After that we meet up with with another friend and had lunch in the same restaurant fot the third day in a row. We’d go to another place but this is the only one near enough our school that has student discounts. There are only two more with the discounts that are on the other side of town and we can’t go there, eat and return back to school in time for lessons. Other restaurants nearby are all fancy and expensive and students can’t afford them.

I was feeling nostalgic about ”the good old times”, although I’m 18 and shouldn’t be saying ”good old times” yet. I found out it is exeactly 1 year since I was in Poland for a month as a forign exchange student. October of 2017 was probably one of the best months of my life. I went there with two of my friends/schoolmates and we did our work practice there. We worked in a warehouse for 7 hours a day and it was awful. But the hours we didn’t spend working were amazing. We explored a new part of the city every day and it was enough to forget the boring job we had. On weekends there was no work and I especially remember one saturday we went to a classic cars museum on a beautiful property outside of the city. The museum was nice but the highlight was going for a walk around a little lake nearby. The joy and freedom and not having to worry about anything, I miss that. Even though I hated being there from the moment I woke up until I finished work I would do it all again. The time we had there was incredible and it’s something I will remember wor the rest of my life. The fact that my university offers foreign exchange for its students makes it easier for me to go trough the days when I feel down and I hope that I will be able to go on student exchange again.

Day four was allright, however something annoying did happen. Because it’s easier to work in smaller groups there are some classes where we are divided in half. First group was supposed to have th lesson from 6:30 p.m. to 7 and the second group (one that I’m in) from 7 to 8:30 i. the evening. So I arrive at the school at 6:50 and none of my classmates are there. Suddenly the classroom door opens and my whole class comes out. Because no one else knew there are two groups everyone arrived for the first lesson. I talked with the professor after that and he said that he explaind everyone else how the groups work and next time they’ll arrive at the right time and that I can go home. So instead of a lesson I had a 30 minute evening walk to school and back home.



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