Embrace The Suck.

one of the worst things about depression is the feeling when you realize that life is passing you by, and you’re powerless to stop it.I am not at all one of those people who believe you can think positively and have things magically appear at your door. if only it were so easy. I have to wake up most days and accept that my depression still exists and that I get overwhelmingly sad each night. nonetheless, I accept and allow my depression to exist, I’m giving all of my emotions room to exist. what I have learned with like is that we can’t live in a positive bubble just as we can’t solely live in pure negativity. there is a balance I am still trying to find. embrace the suck and allow all emotions to exist in your life.

One thought on “Embrace The Suck.”

  1. i feel you on this, i feel like embracing all emotions is a good thing. I cry on the daily and i always feel so much better purging my tears

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