Will the hard times ever end? Will there ever be a dawn of our problems? 

I’m sorry baby that I hurt you,I’m so sorry. I don’t know where this hiatus will lead us,if  you will miss me so much,realize you can’t live without me and then run back to me for ur life or you will like being without me so much that you’ll prefer us being friends. 

I hurt you by breaking up but you hurt me too,you made me see and realize where I stand in ur life and what is my place. I love you more than my life and you know this, still you do this to me. Is love supposed to be like this? Isn’t love supposed to be blind? If love is not blind then is it even love? 

Do u even love me? 

You confuse loyalty with love. Yeah, you are loyal to me despite the distance like i am to you. 

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