feeling discouraged

I feel tired today.
The last few nights I have been having a couple beers before bedtime. I also took my beer into the shower with me one night. I struggle a lot in the evenings, this sense of dread and loneliness creeps up often.

It is my best friend’s 4 year wedding anniversary today with her husband. She is lucky. She lives a good life.

Every fucking thing I do every fucking day is a struggle. EVERYTHING is just that much harder to do for some reason. Starting to think surviving is just way more work than just being dead.


2 thoughts on “feeling discouraged”

  1. You are not alone. You are strong and you deserve a good life. Why do you feel tired?

  2. Sometimes you just have to keep going. But try to think of at least one thing that is good in your life. Pay more attention to that. Look forward to and enjoy that. There has to be something that’s a positive.

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