I am not good at subject lines.

Or spelling, apparently, since it took me about six tries to get “subject” right. I’m getting over a cold and am just generally very tired, that’s my excuse.

I think I’m going to try to do this every day. Again. I mean, I’ve been journaling off and on for… twenty two years? It’s just that for the last year or so it’s been off.


Reconnected a bit with an old friend earlier. Don’t know if the reconnection’s going to continue or if it’s just a one-off, but I’ll put some effort in.

Made sure to be nice to a girl at the gym today, too. I’ve recently realized that I can be a standoffish asshole and that a lot of people probably think I’m a bitch. I’m not trying to make people be my BFF, but I do want to be friendly.

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