July 18, 2018

Right now I’m irritated. It’s hard to be misunderstood and ignored. The people around me have decided that I am wrong and don’t care to hear me. I follow the leader and am criticized for not being helpful. I am simply following suit? So why am I the only one to be reprimanded? Then, to make things more confusing, the party doing the criticizing asks for me to continue after pushing me away. How can people so easily attack you then come to you for the same assistance you were attacked for. Now after trying numerous times to explain my point of view, they say that im weak. At this point I give up which is where I find myself now. Defeated. Tying to cover it with fake confidence. Why do we allow others to be our judges. Maybe they are just the first ones to avoid blame at the cost of my feelings. But I guess that’s a price you pay for your own stolen happiness.

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