Let’s sing!

Last night my boyfriend went to his parents in another city for 2 days.
I was really excited about it because I realized what I’ll do, that I can’t do with him. So I’ll sing anything I want loud. He is a musician and I don’t have a musical ear (Is it OK to say so in English), I can’t sing, so he don’t like when I do it. You know, I didn’t worry about that I can’t sing, until I met BF. I just like singing, it calms me, and annoys him.
I told him about it and then he said so he can take a chicken box in KFC. We don’t eat in KFC usually because I can’t eat there anything, it’s too spicy to me (even the food that is considered not spicy)

So, what are you doing, that you can’t do with your lover?

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