Oct. 5, 2018 – Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Friday, Oct. 5, 2018

AA Thought for the Day

Do I have any hard feelings about other group members or for any other AA group? Am I critical of the way a group member thinks or acts? Do I feel that another group is operating in the wrong way, and do I broadcast it? Or do I realize that all AA members, no matter what their limitations, have something to offer, some good, however little, that they can do for AA in spite of their handicaps? Do I believe that there is a place for all kinds of groups in AA, provided they are following AA traditions, and that they can be effective, even if I do not agree with their procedure?

Am I tolerant of people and groups?

Meditation for the Day

“The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in, from this time forth and even forever more.” All your movements, your goings and comings, can be guided by the Unseen Spirit. Every visit to help another, every unselfish effort to assist, can be blessed by that Unseen Spirit. There can be a blessing on all you do, on every interview with one who is suffering. Every meeting of a need may not be a chance meeting, but it may have been planned by the Unseen Spirit. Led by the Spirit of the Lord, you can be tolerant, sympathetic and understanding of others and so accomplish much.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may be led by the spirit of God. I pray that the Lord will preserve my goings and my comings.

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