October 5, 2018

I can’t let it go. Their judgement is burned in my skin. The guilt weighs heavy in my gut. I need to defend him. Us. How could they have so easily slashed through our commitment. They took one look at us and decided we weren’t happy enough. Today I think people want constant drama and adventure every day, but that’s not realistic. Life can be boring, quiet, uneventful. Love is having a person to hold while the earth settles. And that’s what I have. So before you decide I’m not happy enough, think again bitch. Because each day he makes me feel  whole. I’m the best version of myself in his company. What more do you want? So yes I am happy, or at least I was. Before you criticized my love and deemed it unworthy. Fuck you and your judgment. I’m not bored, I’m safe and in love.

One thought on “October 5, 2018”

  1. Your love is worthy Love until you can’t love anymore, but remember to take care of yourself first

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