September 1, 2018

When someone you trust betrays you, it feels like a joke. Like it’s not possible. I deny it, assume there is a mistake. A misunderstanding. Because surely my love is not capable of such heartbreak. But he told me himself. Mentioned it casually too much later as if asking to pass the milk. He assumed that there wasn’t a problem. But he chose to spend his time with other people. No, two other girls. Instead of seeing me. And better yet, they spent the night together. But don’t worry, they all slept in different beds. No big deal. Also will you pass the salt. Wait. What happened to the night with the guys. What happened to the things you said you wanted. How come I’m suddenly doubting your work? The eggs are great by the way. But didn’t you think to speak to me, ask for my approval. Or better yet, did I cross your mind at all? What really happened that night. And why did you do things with them you would never do for me. Where do we go from here. And how can’t you see my heart is breaking. Thanks for breakfast.

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