Soft morning words

Soft morning words and thoughts, delivered by email, but special just the same, is if you were actually hearing them.

“How did you sleep my friend?  Did you have good dreams?  Were you feeling special and close?”

*nuzzles* and a *cuddle*, my arm draped over you, hand sliding along the edge of your nightshirt, then underneath, touching your warm soft tummy …

(A wish … my wish … ah well.  It is how I like feeling.)

4 thoughts on “Soft morning words”

  1. No, it’s been three weeks now. I’ve no idea what happened.

  2. Physically, I think she is. Well, almost. I know what led up to part of it. Emotionally, she is badly hurt and part of her is shut down. It’s not that it is a “complex” situation, it just deals with something that perhaps is best not discussed on an open forum.

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