today was a bit weird, if i am being honest. it was nice yet i was quite sad, i don’t even know why.

i joined the dancing club at school because i love dancing and today was our first time coming together and it was pretty amazing talking with people who share the same hobby with me, so it was alright. surprisingly my social anxiety didn’t make anything unbearable, i guess it decided to give me a break for a day. 

then, one of my favorite bands released an album called “trench”, which is why my entry is named so, and it really is so good, the lyrics are too powerful and yeah, i just love it really much.

then i went out with my friends for an hour or so, and that was pretty alright too except for the part where i had to have dinner alone because my friends had to leave early, and i felt like people thought i was a dumb moron who didn’t have any friends as i ate my burger in peace. if they thought that about me; fuck you, i do have friends, i just wanted them to get home early before the sun went down so they would be safe.

other than these, i guess there is nothing else to talk about. how was your day, reader? please tell me!

stay alive and fabulous. 





to AngelsUncle, if you are reading, thanks for leaving a comment. it’s very nice of you to hope that i will get some online friends sometime soon, and you are right about “limits” when it comes to friendships. if i had a friend who was way older than me, i am pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to communicate easily. 


to Maxwell, whom i really appreciate and am thankful for because he always leaves comments on my entries and it makes me feel less alone, lol. anyway, i know how some sick people act like someone they are not just to get closer to under-aged kids and i will try to stay safe, thanks for caring! 

lol, i don’t think you are a creepy old dude nor a small child, you just really don’t give off the vibe, you know? i just really hope you are not lol, you are a pretty nice person.

and yes i would love to talk to you, but this weird website is pretty low on between-user-communication, since it has no reply button or whatever, but it’s alright really, it at least gives me a reason to check my mailbox constantly so i can see if you left a comment or not.

have a nice day!

One thought on “trench”

  1. Sorry that you were sad today, I hope however much time is left in the day where you are gets better and if it doesn’t, it probably will tomorrow.
    Cool, glad you have a hobby that you enjoy, have fun! And, it’s good that you didn’t get too anxious. God willing, anxiety won’t give you any trouble. Not to be an oblivious weirdo, but I’m a homeschooler and if you don’t mind answering, how do clubs work at school? Is it like just a thing where some students get together and try to do a specific something or is there a teacher there that does… teacherish things?
    So you like TØP, too? I mean, I know it’s probably a pretty popular band, but that’s pretty awesome! I don’t know if you’ve heard of them already, but since you like them you might like Panic! At The Disco or half•alive.
    I doubt anyone thought negatively of you because you were eating alone, I’m sure lots of people do it on a daily basis. Plus, even if anybody did look at you and think you were a friendless moron, that obviously just makes them an asshole because they have probably never spoken to you in their entire life and possibly never will.
    My day was pretty decent, not a lot happened.
    Oh yeah, I didn’t even think about the between-user-communication thing, LOL.
    Sorry, this was pretty long! G’bye 🙂
    Thanks for your comment BTW.

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