waiting on the bus bored

Up early feed horses feed me dad had to go in early so he got us up so we didn’t over sleep. Dj went back to bed I could get him up when I tried he keep throwing things at me and locked his door so he is on his own. Dad going to be so mad plus Dj has a game tonight if he misses school he don’t play so going tobe a long weekend at least it will keep dad off me for a change. 

Maybe he be so happy with me for doing all my stuff he will unground me for the weekend. I did check lost and found no luck but I did do what dad said I looked. I think I’m in more trouble for thinking it is funny and not caring as he said than actually losing my boot. But I still say what wrong with being different than everyone else. I guess where he gets madest is when he ask do you miss not having a boot and I say not really I’m good with a sock but that’s one of those  questions you can’t answer right because it you lie your wrong and if you tell the truth your wrong so what do you do. My girlfriend says at least I’m brave enough to be myself if being me is weird. well here comes the bus

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