day five

It was friday yesterday which meant that I’ll be going home for the weekend. It’s normal practice that students leave their dorms and go home on fridays and then return back on sunday evenings.

I think I’ll be looking forward to fridays not only because I’m going home but also because the one class we have on fridays is rather interesting. The professor also seems nice, he was making jokes and was giggling and smiling all the time. After the lesson I went home and packed my bags. My roommate is the one driving me to and from university. we also picked up a friend of ours (the one who lives alone and had lunch with us last three days) and our schoolmate who also lives nearby and asked for a ride.

I’m rather introverted and quiet usually and I like my alone time. It has been hard being alone because I do everything together with my roommate. We have the same classes, we live together and spend our free time together. The only opportunity when I can have a bit own time is when he is practicing guitar. This is when I usually write this journal and simply relish my own company. I rather miss that.

I went go-karting in the evening with my brother, his girlfriend and some of their friends (I didn’t know any one of them). It was nice to relax and not think about anything for a while. After that my brother and I went out to have a drink with our parents. They asked me how it was in college and I said it was okay and that there is not much to do after school. We are pretty connected family but I have hard time expressing my feelings to other people in general so I didn’t tell them how much I’ve been struggling.



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