something is thumping wildly in my ribcage

i don’t know how to explain this, but something in my ribcage feels like it is trying to get out. i don’t know why this happens; while i’m watching a funny episode from friends or reading a book, listening to music or doing anything, really, my heart beats so fast that i feel like i will die. i don’t know what makes it beat faster than it usually does but it makes me dizzy and i feel like i’m lacking oxygen.

anyway, this was probably a weird way of starting an entry but it was something i wanted to write about.

i really didn’t do anything other than going to the small market by our apartment to buy some snacks and playing a game i downloaded today, which turned out to be way too addicting that i spent more than 2 hours playing.

my dad is out of the city because of work and my mom is at a wedding right now so i am home alone with my sister who is older than me and it feels really nice being by myself. i sometimes really need some time to charge myself after socializing so much and it feels really nice to lay down and listen to some music. 

i want to have a chocolate bar so badly, but i already had one today and i will feel extremely bad if i do get another one, so i am trying to fight back the urge to run to the kitchen and stuff my face with some chocolate. god, why am i even telling you guys about these? no one cares… sorry.

uh yeah, i guess that’s it. i am still stuck on replaying trench, i just can’t help it, it’s too good. you should probably check it out if you are open to new music genres, they are pretty fucking amazing!






hi maxwell! thanks for your comment. if i am not wrong, you already talked about being homeschooled in one of your entries before, so i will explain how clubs work simply for you. in my country and my school, all the club members get together on a specific date, (we usually talk via text so every member will know when the next meeting is) and we do our thing. the art club paints, the music club does musical things, i guess? as for the dance club we dance and learn new choreographies. there is a teacher who usually checks up on us though she doesn’t teach us anything, she just makes sure that we have the the equipment we need and stuff like that. she is just a helper, i hope i explained it well for you.

and yes! i love TØP! i also like Panic! At The Disco too, and i am surprised that you know half•alive because they are pretty underrated, but i really like their music! it’s nice to know that we like the same bands.

also about the “between-user-communication” thing, i didn’t want to look like a creep asking for any way to reach out to you other than this website because not many people are comfortable with it, so it’s understandable if you are not too, lol. after all we really don’t know each other well other than the simple communication between us.

and it’s alright really, that you leave long comments, i enjoy reading them.




anyways! sorry that half of this entry was dedicated to maxwell in some way but after all it’s my entry and i am alright about writing to him, so you can just skip it if you don’t want to read, everyone!

have a nice day!

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  1. Hi Dakota. Don’t mean to butt in, but I get that wild thumping too sometimes–and often it’s caused by sugar. In my case it’s heart palpitations–I don’t know if it’s the same for you.

    I noticed you mentioned you had had some snacks before the thumping, which made me think of it. So if it happens again, you might want to think about what you’ve recently eaten that may have caused it.

    Just wanted to give you a heads-up. Good luck.

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