Welcome. Who are you?

Loneliness.. It is something that is hard to cope with. Going through the emotions of everyday life trying to keep your head up and stay focused on whats ahead, not whats behind. You spend most of your time siting and thinking constantly about why you are still alone. Along with loneliness comes depression, anxiety.  We spend most of our lives faking happiness. We are lost. Trying to figure out what we want, who we are. Some of us define who we are by the people we surround ourselves with. Forgetting to look into ourselves and stay true to who we are…. If we even know who that is. I found in my own journey that living through what you think makes you happy, who you think makes you happy… is what keeps you lost. We all have this journey, or purpose if you will. What it is… Well, we have no idea. If you do. I commend you because you have done something most of us cannot seem to grasp. A little tip would be nice. You ever just sit and think to yourself, Why cant i figure this out? Well i do. Deep within we all have this light. Some it shines bright. Others like myself it just barely makes a room shine. Waiting, wanting to be big and bright. You have to dig deep. You have to stop living in that box. You have to stop letting things from your past  keep you chained. The devil, he is one mean animal. He will do any and everything to keep you down. Your not good enough. Your not pretty enough, You will never make it, Give up! Sound familiar? If there is evil… There is good. I have struggled many years with all of this. And, i am just now getting to a place where i am stepping outside of my box. Finding me. Its scary. But i am getting there. Im writing this. well, because i feel its time my story helps someone else. I know what it feels like to be alone and think that you arent being heard. That you are dealing with your demons on your own. You can do this! You are worth it! I hope as i keep writing this will help maybe just 1 person. 

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