Not much going on today. Husband woke up complaining about being sick, so I’ve given him my cold, so we’re not having a UFC viewing thing at our place like we were thinking of. Probably for the best.

Tragic texted, which is always a little awkward since I don’t really know what to say to her anymore.

Looked up Alcoholic on Facebook, since it’d been a while since we talked and I wondered how she was doing. Turns out she defriended me at some point. I am slightly indignant. I am sooooooooooo sorry I didn’t support your flagrant adultery and jerking around of your husband, Alcoholic. Fuck me, I’m such an asshole.

But only slightly indignant since it’s not like we’ve been close for a while. I did try, but once it became evident that my support of her cheating on her husband was required to maintain the friendship, I let it go.

I wasn’t a douche about it, I just let her know, nicely but firmly, that I wasn’t okay with this, I knew Investor, he was our friend too, I couldn’t be involved and it wasn’t fair to him – or to us – to put us in this position.

Dealbreaker, apparently.

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