Counselor day

Wll get to go talk about me again she always tries to get me play some video game Mary is her name she knows I don’t like video games I would rather be outside,

We talked about school again I don’t get it I like school I do good get in school detention some but only because I get tradies . Then we talked about mom

Mary: do you miss her

Me: of course I do

Mary: are you  still mad at her

Me: I was never mad at her she didn’t die on purposes she was sick.

Mary: How do you feel your  dad and how do you feel about the way  he was raising you.

Me: I never thought about it.

She finally ask me why I missing a boot. I told her I lost my boot at school today. She ask how so I told her the whole story.

Mary:  how do you feel about missing your boot.

Me: (I was like duh what do you think I didn’t say it) I told her well it makes me mad someone took it.

Mary:  did it embarrass you

Me: No it made me mad why would I be embarrassed

Mary: I mean cause you are wearing one

Me: No why would I be embarrassed

Mary: some people would because it  sticks out (not how she worded it but close                           enough well what I heard anyways)

Me: I’m not everyone I’m me

Mary: what are you going to do about it

Me: what do you mean I’m going to look for it tomorrow at school

Mary: what are going to do if you find who took it

Me: get it back I hope I’m not like going to fight over it if that’s what your asking

Mary: So your not mad

Me: I’m not happy but not going to get in trouble over it, do we really have to talk                    about a stupid boot. I don’t need it and just because everyone else wears two don’t          mean I have two,

Mary so you just don’t care

Me: I didn’t say that I said it makes me mad someone took it but I’m good with wearing          one I don’t have to be like the crowd I like being different.

Mary: explain

Me: I’m me I don’t need to acted like anybody or look like anybody else not even dress            like anybody else. If  I don’t find my boot  Then I’m good with walking around with          one why do I need two just  because everyone said. all my skate shoes the right               ones are all messed up the left ones look new so they don’t match and even fall off           there are so many holes in them. Adults spend their time saying be  yourself  it is             ok  to be different don’t following the crowd, but if you do  something different are         don’t fit in the  adults ideal of what you should do are be like then the rules                       change.

Mary: well it sounds like you are trying to find yourself

Me:(thinking what does that even mean)  OK

Mary: well I want to visit with your dad so I will see you next week you can go out in the waiting room and play video games

Me: (think how many times do I have to say I don’t play video games) ok

Mary never told me she wanted to visit with dad after we meet so I guess she didn’t like something I said are maybe I’m too weird to come back


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