day six

Sleeping in my own bed again was nice.

I’ve spend the morning reading. I also typed a short essay type of thing for school. Everyone was at work so I had lunch at my grandparent’s. I’m lucky enough to have all my grandparents living nearby. After that my grandpa and I went to my mum’s work and brought her lunch too. I visited my other grandma as well and then went home. I had some alone time, the lack of which I was talking about in the last journal.

It’s funny how when I play video games at university it feels like a waste if time, but when I play video games at home it’s just spending some quality time alone. I usually listen to music or podcasts, if there is a new episode out, while playing video games. Podcasts are if you want to listen to something while doing some other things. I prefer comedy podcasts because there is enough serious and deep stuff everywhere else.

It was also nice to spend the evening like I used to – I made myself a cup of tea and watched youtube videos, while the rest of my family watch television. Doing the same thing at the collage flat just doesn’t feel the same.

I didn’t do much yesterday but for some reason it feels a lot better being at home than at the flat.


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