He didn’t explode

Didn’t see dad last night he worked the evening shift. Me and my friends are going riding horses along the river and just hang out. Well if dad don’t kill me when he sees me I cleaned house last night and did all the laundry so maybe he will be in a good mood if he wakes up before I leave. Tammy got here at 9 am and helped me soom

(I’m writing this kinda in real time today until I leave.)

Well he is up and in a good mood but his first statement was “the house looks great what did you do” I walked on the deck while he was drinking his coffee and he looked at me and said you forgot something. I looked at him and said it got stole.

Dad: who and how

Me: I left it in class and don’t know

Dad: I guess you need to explain that

Me: I was messing around in class and then went to the library and when I came back           it was gone

Dad:  do you often leave one boot in class

Me: No sir

Dad: let me see if I got this. So you took off just your right boot and then went to the                     library  without putting it back on. WHY

Me: I don’t know I guess I just didn’t want to wear it

Dad. is your foot sore

Me: no sir

Dad: do know what we paid for those boots

Me: yes sir sorry

Dad: did you look for it

Me (thinking duh not saying it of course) Yes sir

Dad: money don’t grow on trees

Me: yes sir

Dad: what are you going to do now

Me: Hope I find it Monday

Dad: till then

Me: wear a sock sir

Dad: you better find it Monday it will do you good not having it maybe you will                               remember to think before you act because there are  consequences to                                       your actions  you think a 13 year old would know that. do you know the consequences          of what you did

Me: yes sir ( wanted to say duh look down) but smarter than that

Dad: go do whatever you had planned we will talk later

Me: I can still go I’m not grounded

Dad: did not say that, for now when you look down you have a reminder do you have a                   problem with how I’m dealing with it, I can ground you now if you want

I headed out the door before he got awake and changed his mind 

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