[368] ~*Sun – 10/07/18*~

[3:06 pm]

This is crazy! I am so very tired. I just need my bed right now. I worked at the store and left at 1:30 pm cause I just couldn’t do it anymore. It’s not that I’m THAT sick, it’s just that I have zero energy even thought I sleep for hours. My throat was very sore this morning but it’s currently not too bad. 

I’ve been taking some DayQuil and NyQuil which I hope helps. I just had some food and watched a show and I do believe that I will now be going to bed. I was supposed to go do a grocery and grab stuff to make the suggies food but that’s not gonna happen. Like I’ve said, I am so very exhausted, it’s just crazy. I’m glad that I have tomorrow off cause I will more than likely sleep all day. This is day 19 in a row which isn’t too bad but with being sick makes it that much worse. I’m glad I was able to come home early although it’s killing me cause I hate missing work. It took all my being to come back home cause I wanted to stay but I told myself I better take the time off and rest so I can start all over again on Tue as I have no idea when I’ll be having another day off.

Alright, I don’t really have much to say beside that I am exhausted and am not getting anything done at home. I’ve been very busy. I need to try and get my car in this week so I can get that link fixed and the following week I need to make an apt for the other car as it needs it’s safety done. I still need to figure out what we’re doing with the nest which I haven’t checked in the past few days as I haven’t been going in the basement. I’ll need to go as I need to clean the cat litters but that will wait later tonight if I get out of bed or tomorrow cause I just want my bed right now.

I’m sure I had some other stuff I wanted to talk about but I can’t do this. I NEED MY BED!


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