161. Pre workout on an empty stomach

Title….not the best idea. 

My stomach was already upset from not eating all night. I had brought a few slices of pizza for “dinner”, the night just lasted a tad longer then I had expected. 

Trying to stay on track, I downed my pre work out and headed to the gym. About halfway through my workout, I got so nauseous, then instantly light headed, I had to sit or it was lights out…


Once I gathered my self I obviously headed out….now laying here seeing stars from the buzz of the pre work out, yet unable to move….

It’s really the oddest feeling hahaha. Wired but unable to do anything about it…

I suppose, it’s good I work late tonight I’ll at least be able to get a decent leg day in after all. 

At some point….stopping these days I “forget” to eat stop completely…. because in reality….it isnt forgetting that’s the problem….I’ve recently been getting so depressed…I dont have an appetite, or I just feel so sunken, I cant gather the slightest amount of energy or will power to get up and feed my self.


No reason…..and that’s the worst part of depression….there doesnt have to be a reason. 

Speaking of my depression, I finally let Gabby in on it. She got curious, and started bombarding me with questions the other day because I wasnt eating as much as I usually do, or as silly as usual. Even said I just…look empty/gone. So I explained to her that I have depression, and I dont talk about it or tell people, I have always been the type to make other excuses to cover it up, because I never wanted someone pitty because I have these depressive episodes, or anxiety. I’ve also come to terms with I wont let it ruin, or run my life, as i see it do to so many others. 



I need more bread….my poor stomach  hahaha the things I do to my self….

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