I HAVE to Move Out

Last week, something happened. It was Sunday afternoon and I was sitting in the living room, doing homework. My mom was making noise per usual, but since I could not focus, I asked her to turn the volume of her phone down. I’m not sure what happened next, but we got into an argument. From there, things only got worse. She ripped my internet right out of the wall and stated “you may pay the cable bill, but you don’t pay the light bill. If you wanna do homework, then you need to go to the library”. Frustration set in and I EXPLODED. I yelled, I cursed, I gave no fucks because in that moment, she gave no fucks about me having to do my damn homework.

She then told me I need to move out of her house and “get my own shit”. She always throws out the fact that I’m 20 and I still live with her. She doesn’t understand the meaning of family or what being a parent entails. Being a parent isn’t an 18-year long commitment, it’s deeper than that. It’s a lifetime partnership of humps and bumps, laughs and tears, scars and healing.

She proceeded to call my brother to talk shit about me. He explained to her that she is in fact being a bad parent and that she needs to be more sympathetic about my feelings and my needs as a daughter. He told her that she should have been prepared for children or not had them at all. I agree with him because I didn’t ask to be born, none of us did, but when you take that step to become a parent, realize that you are bringing someone into your life for the rest of your life. You are responsible for making sure that person is loved, cared for, and has what they need. She (mother in question) has never been able to give me any of those things.

Okay, I kind of bought a ticket to tangent town. The point of this is that I’m facing homelessness. What do you do when you’re a full-time student and part-time worker with no support systems or family for that matter?

One thought on “I HAVE to Move Out”

  1. You were certainly not in the wrong, and didn’t deserve to be treated like that. You are a good person, trying to do the right things, working on an education and bettering yourself. You mother should appreciate that and support you in what you’re doing.
    Give it a little while to calm down again, then see if you think you really do have to move out. See if she still needs you to leave. Frankly, it makes no sense she wants you to leave if you’re a full time student AND helping pay household bills.
    I know it may be among the toughest things you ever have to consider, but perhaps give your mother a little leeway. There must be other things stressing her, and she’s (wrongly) taking it out on you. So … you have to love and understand her. Yes … you for a little bit end up being the parent.

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