just another day

School was so boring had two subs today. I got a 100 in my photography class that Capturehhgmade me so happy cause I kinda been struggling in that class with all the different settings on the camera. I took a picture of Buck my horse he is named after Matt Dillon’s horse anyways this is the picture I took and got a 100 on it dad had it framed and put it on the wall that was kinda cool.

I looked for my boot but no luck guess I have a lecturer coming when dad gets home tonight I hope he is in a good mood but I beat he is in a weird mood because today is moms birthday and it the first since she died so I’m hoping he is not to depressed maybe I can make him laugh.

I had a counselling session after school I hate going it is such a waste of time. Mary wanted to talk about moms birthday and what I was going to do I told her I told mom happy birthday. I ask mary what she meant the other day when she said I was trying to find myself she ask me what I thought it meant I just changed the subject I hate when adults do that crap. Mary ask me if I found my boot I looked at her and said yep I just forgot to put it on she actual said we that’s fine if you don’t want to wear it. She is weird sometimes we talked about dad again then school then rodeo thenon and on

Dad finally got home he went for hay to day but we will unload saturday he said so hay-trailerxcthat is good I hate unloading hay so much but part of having horses. Dad was in a good mood we went and seen mom then went out to eat so that was good. We got home he said he knew he had been way to hard on me since mom died and understood why I was rebaling  and it was ok he understood. I didn’t know I had been rebaling I thought I had been going out of my way to be good.I didn’t want to ask what he was talking about because I was getting a free pass on something just not sure what. My counselor and dad  keep talking about be rebaling trying to find myself I don’t have a clue what they are talking about they say teens are hard to figure out well adult are even harder. I did get detention at lunch but it was because of shooting spit wads threw a straw don’t think I was rebaling we was all doing it at each other. anyway my dumb life what u gonna do    

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