Matthew 10:1 and 5, Humble Power

Matthew 10:1 and 5, “Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions…” (NIV)

Imagine the emotions coursing through the veins of the disciples as they gathered together before Jesus in Matthew 10:1. They were probably filled with excitement and anxiousness. They had witnessed Jesus’ supernatural abilities many times. And, to some degree, likely wanted to know what that kind of power felt like to possess. In Matthew 10:1 that curiosity was realized. Jesus, the Teacher, bestowed upon his students authority. This was not a halfhearted effort on Jesus’ part. It was an absolute display of humility and grace. Jesus entrusted something truly unique and astounding to His disciples. They had imperfections, like us, and did nothing to earn such divine favor. And yet Jesus blessed them with incredible power.

Jesus did not grant these authoritative blessings to the disciples so they would abuse them, or become arrogant. In fact, later in Matthew 10 Jesus outlined some rather fascinating details about Christian living and service. It should be noble, modest, and humble. Christ told the disciples to pack light and find meager quarters wherever they stayed. Nowhere in Jesus’ discourse do we read of an endorsement of prosperity though the presentation of the gospel, or through the ability to display supernatural powers. Although God does choose to endow some with material wealth, we never find a biblical example of one who amassed riches solely because of his, or her, godly preaching, prophesying, or pastoring. This was true of Elisha. It was true of Jesus. It should be true of us.

Jesus’ wisdom and truth is to be shared, not sold or employed in a manipulative way – for profit. Christ gifted power to the disciples so that would help others. He shared them so that would till the soil of human hearts. He shared them so that the gospel message, channeled through the disciples, would reach the ears of lost souls. Love is to be freely given. So is truth. And so is service. The worlds needs the light of God that lives in believers. May it shine bright.

Kevin Orr (10/8/2018)

*Portions of this blog post is extracted from portions of my self-published, now discontinued, book titled “Love Has Come: A Twenty-Eight Day Journey Through The Gospel Of Matthew”, which was originally published in 2010 (Pleasant Word, a division of WinePress Group)

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