my 1st day at4.00am

so this is my first day writing a jargon . although I have tried earlier to pen down my thoughts, but those were somewhat discontinuous . I could not keep writing because I was too deviated and not aware about the benefits of expressing yourself  and then judging it . and the ironic part is that this website is called good night journal and I’m writing it in early morning . the view of outside is still dark but it will give you chance to explore how the night goes and the brightness of the day conquer . The will write truth and nothing else .

so I regret that I talked with her because of the consequence either director indirect . I had kind of feelings earlier which started fading because of her talks and we becoming more like friends that share their everyday happenings and support and tease each other. but her dad called thinking that I’m bothering her . look first of all , if someone bothers you then you should block him which she didn’t and also we talked for hours, late at night , then she is interested in my talks too. secondly she called me many a times and I called her too , so there was some kind of mutual understanding in calling each other and wasting each other time . And all that we talked was pure and clean , nothing vulgar or obscene, just pious being in each other limits. I was not wrong but after seeing the fuck consequences and I realized that it eventually went totally wrong which wasn’t expected. it will become a big problem for her than to me looking at the condition of the society where everyone just make their  own conception according to their own convenience . I will never ever talk to her . this should be over now . 

wrapping up at good note that talking bullshit is easy but  proving yourself and being determinantal and knowing your roots is difficult . 1st achieve what should be there to achieve what you wish for .allright peace out .

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