It’s the same old, familiar self-coping and defense mechanism altogether. You’ve done this before. It’s nothing new. Some arrogant jerks out there may call this ‘sulking’. You don’t get what you want and you start clamming up. You don’t talk much anymore. What for? Who’ll listen – especially without judgment?

This time, you refuse to waste your energy that way. You need to choose your audience carefully. Even better, stop trying to gain the attention of any. It’s much more efficient that way. You don’t feel the pressure of trying hard to impress others. It’s such an exhausting task.

There’s a part of you that keeps on saying the same thing, over and over again in your head:

The fight isn’t over yet. You can’t give up now. You shouldn’t.

Still, these are your hard times. The whole idea feels a lot easier said than done.

You have broken dreams now. It’s not just from your flawed strategy. There are other, external factors that you just can’t control.

You’re not a loser. Never let any jerks out there make you believe that you are. You’re just a collateral to inevitable circumstances.

So, what are you going to do now? There’s another crossroad before you. One route is actually a detour. A curvature, someone you once knew had said.

Are you planning to stay awake and just fight with all your might? Are you going to surrender to the cold, not knowing where it might take you?


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