Welp, this is a first

This is my first official journal entry. I’m not sure what this is all going to be about, but I think a lot of complaining will be involved. My boyfriend will probably be a huge source of this. Maybe talking about how weird he is, and what a pain in the ass he is will make me feel better. Fingers crossed!

First of all, I will start  by apologizing to anyone who reads this. I am not a professional writer, and most of this will probably be boring and lame. It may not even make sense… we’ll see. 

I ‘d like to start my complaints off with how I woke up at 6am this morning because my body decided I have slept long enough. It tells me this via back pain and the beginnings of a headache. Fuck you body. Also, my brain insists on going over all the things that have recently pissed me off so I can start the day off on a good negative. 

Coffee Break. 

Ok, feel free to tell me if I am a loser or whatever you think. I realize everything I put here will be biased based on my own perspective… but also I kind of hate myself so maybe it equals out. 

My first giant complaining sesh will be about my bf and what a giant toddler he is. He likes to think he is much smarter than everyone else, and advanced in some way by being able to “sense” certain things… it’s hard to explain. Next time there’s an example I’ll share it. He works from home… although most of the time he does little to no actual work. I go to work at a shitty job, all different shitty hours and come home physically exhausted. I am also going to school online, so I keep pretty busy. I like to have a reasonably clean home, but living with this guy makes it nearly impossible. Even though he is here all the time, he will do no cleaning unless I bring it up several times. Is this normal/common? He’s 36… not a kid. Last week I vacuumed, washed the bedding, dusted, did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom… he did nothing. It’s been a week, he has still not contributed. We were doing a trade-off of cleaning tasks for a while, but I got tired of nagging him, and so basically now I don’t know what to do. I try not to let it bother me, but it makes me really angry. Especially because he has all of these little “requirements” of me that he loves to be a stickler for, but holds himself to no accountability to things that matter to me. If I try to hold him to the cleaning he agreed to do, he either won’t do it for days, or gets angry that I bring it up. So now what? I be his mommy and clean up after him and around him every day and eventually explode and accidentally kill him?  Sigh…. I don’t know what to do. 

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  1. I think i didn’t get why you still suffering… why dont you breakup with him?? I think your half problems will be solved with this

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