Today I’ll talk about IVF

So this is happening and I’m not sure if it will be a giant waste of money. This past summer I found out I had a giant fibroid on my uterus. Before I even knew what was happening I woke up from surgery and found out I had just had a hysterectomy. They said it was a possibility but I didn’t really expect it.

I honestly never dreamed of having children, but I never thought it would just not be an option for me, or maybe it would just happen spontaneously one day. Hysterectomy is such a giant, scary word. So final. Surprisingly, I never really freaked out about it. I didn’t have an emotional breakdown or get depressed. At least I still have my ovaries I guess.  Am I weird? I’m kind of just like… well that happened. 

Due to my age, and lack of time to mess around anymore we’re attempting a last ditch effort to have our own children or child. In a million years I never thought IVF would ever be a part of my life. But here we are. Starting October 1st, I’ve been put on birth control pills (which seems kind of weird I know). I’ve always hated “the pill”. It makes me crazy and my boyfriend is currently experiencing it first-hand. My next appointment is the 18th and a few days after that I start all the injections and medications. Wow, this is for real. Is this really my life right now? So weird.


2 thoughts on “Today I’ll talk about IVF”

  1. It won’t be a huge waste of money, it’ll be something beautiful if you allow it to be. I’m excited for you and wanting to continue this journey with you. Good luck! Make sure to keep your stress levels low, eat a balanced diet, and take care of yourself. (I’m a nursing student)

  2. Thank you for your interest! I am only worried that it might not be successful. But if everything works out it most definitely won’t be a waste! 🙂

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