day eight

I catch myself refreshing messenger a lot.

Social networks were never really my thing. I don’t have accounts on many of them and the ones I have accounts on are in the corner of my phone screen patiently waiting to be used. The only app I use is a messenger app so I can text with people. It doesn’t get much use because I don’t get many messages in the first place. The amount of texts only decreased after going to collage, but I’m opening the app at every opportunity, hoping someone would send me a text. The group chats I’m in are also more or less deserted. Yesterday I asked if anyone wants to come on discord to hang out but got no answer until two hours later, when I was about to go to sleep. At least one person replies, everyone else has seen the post but ignored it.

In school we’ve had our last introduction lesson. We were free at 10:30. My roommate and I went home, he practised guitar while I read my book outside. It was nice reading outside on a warm autumn day. I cooked pasta for lunch. It wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever made but it filled us and that was good enough. Then we went out to find a place to print some papers for school and after that he went to another city (1 hour away) because a friend of his that lives there (and that i don’t know) had birthday. I spent the evening watching a TV show and then youtube. I enjoyed having some alone time at the flat for the first time.



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