In time.

Have you ever just been tired?  Waking up everyday to the same thing? Reflecting on your life? How it use to be? No worries. You use to laugh, smile, be care free. We get stuck in these routines of life. One day turns into a month then a year. We find ourselves stuck…. STUCK. You start trying to find things you love. Rediscover yourself. But… then….LIFE. It’s like a heartbeat. you move through the motions. Boom,Boom,Boom. And then you flatline. running into a wall, your life flashes before your eyes. No thinking, just free falling. Nothing there to catch you. just like the dream you fall catch your breath and grab a hold of something. in time we wake up to our lives. question everything. hit a midlife crisis. let pain consume our very being. smiles turn into frowns, happiness turns into fear. in time. What if? Stop time maybe? OR…. blank spaces in between thoughts. your next move.  loose everything? Find the joy again? A void. Your heart empty. Your life….. Well…. Boring. In time. One moment of pure bliss. is that what you are searching. No more being consumed by time. But, thats it… It is just time. Waiting patiently….. For time… to stop…. 

One thought on “In time.”

  1. This is one of my favorite posts of the week. Not because it’s depressing, but because it’s real. This is the epitome of me everyday. I am plagued with the thought of when will this end? Like I don’t wanna die, but I want the pain to stop.

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