Rain Rain Rain and more rain

It started raining during first block and rained and rained and still raining the powerbayshore_37372066_ver1.0_640_360 is out they announced it was flooding and we would have to remain at school and in the building until further notice due to the weather. I got this picture cause I  in photo class. My teacher said we maybe here really late so just find something to do and then a lecture about not sneaking outside and not tobe are normal loud selfs we just need to make the best of it and behave like young adults. Dad texted and said he got a school alert saying that all the roads to the school where flooded he said I would have to stay all night he is so mean. we have to stay in the classrooms all most like a lock down. We have free time since the power is on and off so I thought I would ramble on here and maybe it will keep me out of trouble. They did say we could go to the main building if 37344200_430534740795017_8211230502124781568_nwe wanted to but it is raining so hard and I just wore one boot today cause I’m trying to find myself, so Mary the counselor told my dad still don’t know what that means. I thought somebody took  my boot  cause I left it in the classroom when I went to the library. but the adults must be right so I just decided to run around wearing one boot until I find myself. just being my weird self . one student counselor even said my missing boot represented my mom being gone  not sure how I’m supposed to be acting since mom died I thought I was acting ok I have good days and bad ,miss here but still do the things I all ways did I guess I’m missing something on that but i’m the weird teen so what do I know of course I was a weird teen before she died. mom always called me her weird cowskater cause I love to skate and ride my horse and go back and forth on dressing like a skater and cowboy. well I’m just rambling cause this is so boring sitting here in the dark. so I think I hop to the lunch room LOL.more later maybe 

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  1. Blake, you were so kind to respond to my journaling. When I found out you are a teen, my heart just about broke because you have lost your Mom at such an early age. You still need your mom. I know that she is praying for you and loving you more than ever before. Please accept my condolences. From my heart. God bless you.

  2. Thank you I kinda think she is still around but God does everything for a reason and you have to have faith mom always said faith is easy when life is good having faith in the bad times is the trick

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