Where my mind goes sometimes …

This is where my mind goes sometimes.  This is a fantasy tale assuming a consensual relationship.  I debated whether to post this, but since this is a place we can in theory put down some of our inner thoughts, then perhaps it is okay.  If it’s not your cup of tea, I completely understand.  It’s certainly not for everyone!  I am always open to all comments though.


I walked in the front door, hung my jacket on the hook, kicked off my street shoes. Walking into the kitchen, emptied my lunch bag into the dishwasher. On the way through the living room I’d seen her sitting on the coach, looking at her phone. Likely Facebook, or a news site. But when she looked up, she had that slightly sheepish look in her eyes, like something was up.

Returning to the living room, I asked her how her day was. She replied it had been pretty good, but her eyes kept looking away from mine as if slightly guilty.

“So, what’s up then?” I asked her.

“Well”, she started hesitantly, “I did buy a pair of shoes.”

Now, that in itself isn’t really an issue, but she does have a tendency to spend a little too much money on things at times. On the flip side, I do like it when she looks nice. I suspected that was one of these times, she’d perhaps paid a little more than she should have for the shoes, but they likely looked quite fetching.

“Ah, I see. Do they look nice? Maybe go get them and show me then, I’d love to see them. Oh, and how much were they?”

A definite flush in her cheeks now, and a barely whispered “$150 …”

Yeah, wow. That was a bit much especially considering the financial crunch we’re in at the moment.

“Um, okay … Go get them and show me then. And wear whatever you think goes well with them we can see what they really look like.”

She got off the couch, and disappeared off upstairs for a few minutes. When she came back down, she was wearing a straight, black medium length skirt, plain white blouse, with a nice brand new pair of tasteful black pumps, with a double thin strap.

I rather liked the look, but there was the cost to consider.

“Yes, it all looks rather nice, and while I appreciate why you might like the shoes, didn’t you consider the cost first?”

“Well, yes.” she started, “And yes, I know it should have been discussed first. Please, can I keep them?”

“You may.” I said, “But I think you know what comes next when you’ve done something like this.”

Her cheeks now turned beet red, the flush going up from her throat to her temples. “Yes sir.”

I sat down on a chair. Beckoned her over to me.

“Bend over my knee, and lift your skirt.”

One moderate *spank* on her white satin panties.

“Darling, you know we have to watch finances”

Tugging her panties down, then *Spank* on her bare bottom.

“And normally we discuss these things before you buy them.”

*Spank* on the other cheek.

“Now, they do look very nice”


“But still, next time you must ask.”


“Do you understand dear?”

“Yes sir”, she responded, with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry for not thinking it through.”

“It’s okay, just please think next time, and maybe this spanking will remind you. Now, count out the last 5 spanks for me.”

*SPANK*, a firm slap on her now slightly reddened bottom

“One …”

*SPANK* another slightly harper spank

“… umph … two”

*SPANK* quite a hard slap, starting to feel the heat and see the redness deepen.

“ouch … three …”


Hearing her react to this one, barely managing “four …”


One last very hard spank, hearing her sharp intake of breath, and through her tears “five, sir.”

“There dear, all done. Now, take your panties all the way off, grab your jacket, we’re going out for dinner with you in your lovely new shoes, and your bare reddened bum under your nice stylish skirt. Good girl for telling me.”

4 thoughts on “Where my mind goes sometimes …”

  1. A nice read. I would consider putting ‘pen to paper’ on an actual life experience, where my girlfriends friend joined us for a threesome (dressed as a French maid – she had been a naughty maid and was made to satisfy both Monsieur and Madame….), I suppose I would have to visit the terms and conditions first – as I would like to explore the more raunchy side of the event (unless anyone can enlighten me here in the comments).

  2. @750mod: Yes, the Terms and Conditions talk of posts and accounts being removed for inappropriate content, one of which could be sexual in nature. I suspect my post pushes so I ought be careful. Anything more is likely a bit too much. I guess there are other places to post such things. Thing is, in a way this does represent me and where my thoughts can run. It’s in contrast to other aspects of who I am. I feel it’s almost a lie of omission if I don’t show the sometimes deviant I can be … *smiles*

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