I talked to Gamzee about the polyamorous thing and he is trying to make me not be poly anymore. I’m sitting here like “I’m not gonna change who I am for you” but I’m not gonna tell him that. I want to be myself in a relationship for once and not feel like I’m being judged of it. I hate feeling like this….. and he wonders why I keep my emotions and feelings bottled up….. 

8 thoughts on “10/10/18”

  1. Polyamorous relationships can be so terribly tricky, especially if not all of the participants are of exactly the same mindset. I wish you well, but you will likely have to set up some explicit boundaries and rules, and each agree to follow them.

  2. I’m here to talk, but not sure how much I can truly help.
    Is there a way you think I can help you somehow? I think you’re being tougher on yourself than you need to be. All this, it does take time to figure out.

  3. Is there a way for me to contact you. I don’t want to lose Gamzee nor Equius.

  4. You need a good friend with you can share your feelings … you have to be happy

  5. I really do want to be happy but it feels like life doesn’t want me to be….

  6. You should never change who you are, remember that.

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