I found out a couple weeks ago that my dad has lung cancer. He’s never taken very good care of himself, he always had a bad diet and smoked since forever. Ever since I was a teenager he’s been in and out of the hospital for a myriad of different health problems. He lives in Ohio, where I grew up. I’ve lived in southern California now for around 20 years. I’m not sure what to do right now… I was planning on visiting for Christmas, which I have never been able to do. But now I’m wondering if I should go sooner. The doctors are deciding the treatment plan. I’m worried he might not do well with chemo, he’s already had pneumonia twice this year… what if Christmas-time is too late? 

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  1. Will you be able to find out about the treatment plan, and what the prognosis is in a short amount of time? Hopefully if you can find that out, you’ll know if Christmas is late in the cycle of what is going to happen.
    I suspect you will worry regardless. I wonder if you can make Thanksgiving work, you might feel a little more settled that way.
    Hey, many people (depending on where you are in life, job, etc.) are understanding of something like that, and should make leeway for you.
    And another consideration, if you go some other time before Christmas and not Thanksgiving, it may be easier in some ways as there will be less distraction from the other events surrounding those times.
    Take a deep breath, stand back for a moment, see what you can find out, and try not to add on too much worry. I know it’s tough. Just breathe …

  2. First of all … you are s good daughter nd dnt wry your father will be fine soon.. nd will give you warm hug. Blv in god nd go to him with sweet smile so they can smile too

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