day nine

I have some friends, but my relationship with them is not as close as you’d think it would be. I’ve known most of them for over five years. We started to hang out because we played video games together. Every evening we’d go on skype play games and chat. After a while we also started going out to play football together, usually on sundays. This two occasions were the only time we talked besides school. We finished primay school and entered different secondary schools, which meant that we didn’t see each other in school anymore. Some of our friends slowly stopped playing games and talking online in the evenings and eventually we lost touch with them. Even I stopped playing video games but at least we’d still go out sometimes to play football. Because of that I’m used to to not seeing my friends for weeks at a time. I don’t event text with them but somehow we remained friends. But this sporadic contact meant that our relationship is not very close. I have hard time opening up to them and telling them my problems. This along with me being closed as a person in general it means that I don’t have anyone to talk to. It bothers me a lot but I don’t know what to do about it. Writing this journal does help although having actual contact with humans would help much more.

Lessons were allright  yesterday and I also did a large portion of a homework after that.



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