And in my ignorance when I was afraid I called my uncle’s spirit to take care of me.  And for many,  many years it was.  It was my guide,  my tear cloth.  My uncle died drowned,  in a lake in Michigan.  At my 9 years,  my Grandma told me;  You cried,  when someone is born,  because it comes to suffer,  it is celebrated when someone dies because it will rest in peace.  But she was sunk in sorrow,  she suffered a lot from his death.  I’ve never seen her so devastated.  But I grew up seeing death as a normal thing.  I’d say easy when you’re a kid,  but it’s not;  If we think about it,  priest added when we’re born we have to cry not to die.  Now I remember and smiled,  now I understand.  How much reason she had,  how much pain and sorrow I had to endure to survive,  I never thought that it could be possible,  And,  now here quiet sunk in my thoughts,  I imagine how difficult it was for her to say goodbye,  her departure to that place that everyone mentions but nobody knows..

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