Free time

Well, I always was and now I am first kind of people. I like to write plans.. You know like Joker said these speech about people who have plans, and who don’t worry if things go according to plan.

Then things don’t go according my plan, sometimes it’s drives me crazy, so I trying do plans only about things which I can control. And other people in my plans it’s rarity. I have some friends and I love my boyfriend, but everytime I make an effort on myself to pay atention to other people. With someone I feel it easer, with someone harder, but everytime I think “I should spend some time with that guy and I should think about how be closer with that guy”.

Now it’s harder, because I live in another city, not where I grow up. Sometimes I think that I don’t really like to go there because I have too much people who want my atention. I don’t know if I’m a loner or introvert or just an egoist. I don’t like meet a lot of people per day, I get tired of it. You can say that it’s normal, but сompared to my friends, I get tired of communicating with many people while they don’t.

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