My girlfriend’s first band practice.

Tonight was the first band practice with Morgan. It freaking rocked. It’s going to take some time getting used to her at band practice, but the I wanted  band needed a female vocalist, I felt my vocals would be complimented better with another vocalist and Morgan’s vocals are beautiful.

Morgan’s vocals are kinda sorta how we started dating. I say kinda sorta only because I had her as a friend on Facebook a month or two before I decided to pursue her. I am pretty shy when it comes to girls and I suck at openly saying that I’m interested so when she posted that she was at home singing to herself on Facebook, I playfully commented something like, “Let’s jam (sing) together. My band needs another vocalist.”

Yeah, instead of a first date and before I openly told her I had feelings, I invited her over to sing with her. We talked and hung out twice before I told her I was interested in her. In a sense, her vocals are why we started dating. 

I think she’ll do fine with the band, I really do. While of course, I do have a little bit of a fear that this will all end up in a fiery explosion. I don’t want the band to break up, if the it doesn’t work out between her and I. Hopefully it all works out.

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